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This page is for sharing pop culture news and analysis from around the web that you find interesting. Feel free to add to this list and credit yourself as the link “sponsor”! You can post only a hyperlinked title or you can add a brief summary. I’ll go ahead and get started.

Hell or High WaterBreaking Bad, and the Modern Western of Broken Promises
A review and analysis of David Mackenzie’s neo-Western Hell or High Water.  
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Sigmund Freud: The Phrases You Use Without Realizing It
A brief BBC News article on popular uses of Freudian terms
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Mental Illness and the Male Gaze
An article that articulates the influence of the male gaze on the representations of mental illness in popular culture.
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Longing for The Male Gaze
Author Jennifer Bartlett writes about what the male gaze has meant to her as a woman with cerebral palsy.
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The Marvel Symphonic Universe
This is an episode from the YouTube channel Every Frame a Painting, which focuses on Marvel movie scores and the factors that influence their production.
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You’re Not A Feminist And Here’s Why That Isn’t Really Okay
An Odyssey article written by Lexie Graham, a student at the University of Denver, in response to Amanda Jayne Sankey’s article “I Am Not A Feminist And That Is Okay.”
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Colored Streaks On Asian Women: The Damaging Trope
An article that discusses the meaning of the pervasive trope of representing Asian Women with colored streaks/hair in popular media.
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Join The Black Parade: My Chemical Romance And The Politics Of Taste
Daoud Tyler-Ameen writes about what it has meant for him as a person of color to be a fan of My Chemical Romance — a band “scorned far and wide as mass-market histrionics for sad teens.”
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From Pop Stars to the White House: The Cubs Often Embodied 20th Century America
An article that provides a brief overview of the Cubs’ history and their impact on popular culture.
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Arrival‘s Timely Message About Empathy
The Atlantic magazine’s interview with Eric Heisserer, screenwriter of the movie Arrival.
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Westworld’s Man in Black Is a Classic Bad Gamer
A Vulture article that looks at HBO’s Westworld from a video-game perspective.
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How TV Can Help Improve Our Understanding of Sexual Violence
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The Weirdo Element
A brief discussion on the midnight movie phenomenon that mention Pink Flamingos among others.
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Pop Culture and Power
An article that examines the contemporary relevance of the Frankfurt School thinkers, with an emphasis on Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin.
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Sorority-girl vigilantes break ‘good girl/bad guy’ taboos
A CNN Op-Ed written by Andi Zeisler, a co-founder and creative/editorial director of Bitch Media, on the new MTV show Sweet/Vicious and its contemporary resonances.
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