Extra Credit Assignment

Due: Friday, Dec. 16th at 11:59PM.
Remember to publish it as a blog post and submit the URL to Compass!

For the extra credit assignment you will select an episode of a TV show/program, a film or a podcast and research its online audience OR fan community/communities. You would want to select a media text that you can reasonably expect to have a sizable online community/audience that you can reach and investigate (fan websites, forums, Twitter hashtags, Facebook groups, YouTube channels, etc.). Aim to reach more than one outlet (i.e. go beyond Twitter hashtags/accounts). Read carefully through fans’ posts. Based on those posts identify the dominant, negotiated and oppositional viewing positions to the show/film/program/podcast. I would like you to use Stuart Hall’s essay Encoding/Decoding and at least one other text from the Audiences and Fandom segment of the course. Make sure to quote viewers’ responses as exemplary of the three viewing positions and hyperlink the quotes to the source (i.e. if it’s a tweet — copy the URL to the Tweet, and hyperlink it). As with previous assignments you should have a clearly formulated thesis stated early on in your post.

To clarify, in order for you to be able to say that a viewer’s response falls within the dominant/hegemonic position, you would want to explicitly state what you think your artifact’s dominant message is. Then you can say how the negotiated and oppositional readings diverge from it.

One more thing — if there is a different pop culture text that you would like to work with — i.e. a doll (for the Barbie doll, the dominant/hegemonic message would be that girls should aspire to the ideals that Barbie represents — the ideals of hegemonic femininity), a graphic novel, etc. you are welcome to do so. Your post should be at least 800 words and formatted according to the guidelines spelled out earlier in the semester (with hyperlinks, images, etc.). Cite sources in APA format.

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