Assignment Two: The Lego Movie


Due Monday October 3rd, by 11:59pm.

In week four, we watched The Lego Movie (2014) as a class as an exercise in applying the theories we’ve been reading thus far to an actual text. For this assignment you will make an argument about the ideologies (values, assumptions, beliefs) represented in the film using the theorists that we’ve read and discussed in class.

The film is on reserve in the library in case you need to go back to it and reference specific scenes. It is also available for streaming on Amazon Video and iTunes. Remember – specificity is important! Therefore, it will be useful to note specific moments from the movie that you can reference.

Post Guidelines

1. Word Count
The essay should be between 800-1,200 words.

2. Course Material
You need to specifically cite readings from the class (do not just refer to lecture, I want to see that you’ve read the material).

3. Focus
The angle you take is up to you, but you need to have a central thesis. This isn’t a reflection about all of your thoughts on the film, but an argument about a specific aspect of the film. You will use class material to make an argument about the film’s ideology. Therefore, you should have an introductory paragraph in which you explain what your argument will be.

Possible topics: mass culture and “the popular”, the culture industries, ideology and race or gender, hegemony, interpellation, what desires, fantasies, fears and anxieties are at work in The Lego Movie (applying a psychoanalytic perspective).

While I expect that most of you will focus on the representation aspect of the movie (the film itself) – if you’re more interested in discussing an aspect of the movie’s reception or production, feel free to do outside research.

4. Visual Elements
This is a blog essay – and so the usual rules apply. Compose an unique title. Include images, video, external links where it will give your audience context. Break up paragraphs and include headings if they fit. Cite your sources in APA Style. Hashtag the post #Assignment 2 (using the hashtag field on the left of the post draft screen). If you are unsure how to hyperlink external links, let me know. After you publish your essay, submit the URL to the Assignment 2 link on Compass.

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