Assignment Four: Branding Analysis

Due on Wednesday, November 30th at 11:59PM
On the website and on Compass

In her book about the children’s network Nickelodeon, Sarah Banet-Weiser notes that cable network “strategies of branding work to commodify a particular experience-not just a product- for their audience.”

Referring to Banet-Weiser’s chapter (and any other sources you seek out on network branding) – choose a cable network and write a post about its branding strategy. Your post must include images from their website or social media presence, commercials, logos, tags etc. or any video you’d like to include. It also must include direct references to the Nickelodeon chapter, though you can’t choose Nickelodeon as your subject. You can also refer to news and/or academic articles about the network etc. Use you research skills!

In your post — explain what experience the network is commodifying, the demographic being targeted (think not only in terms of the usual age, gender, class, race, but also lifestyle markers – what kinds of people are they attracting to their network?) what meanings that are associated with the network, the implications of those meanings. Maybe you want to look at the political economic reasons for the branding strategies (who owns the network? who are its executives? what family of networks does it belong to?) Move beyond description/reporting and include a thesis statement that sums up your overall findings.

Use your critical skills to think through the network branding strategies in terms of our class. You can also choose to look at how a network has changed over time (i.e. – Bravo used to be a network for artistic performances like opera, and now it’s mostly about Real Housewives) or compare it to other networks.

Cite your sources — both in-text and references at the end — in APA Style.
Your post should be about 800-1200 words.

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