Assignment Three: Gender Autoethnography

Blog Post Three – Gender Autoethnography

Due November 2nd at 11:59PM.
Remember to post on the blog AND on Compass!

In week eight we discussed the role of gender in popular culture. Choose a day or two in which you pay attention to and document the ways in which you are being interpellated into a gendered role as a way to reflect on what our culture teaches us as the correct way to perform masculinity and femininity. I’d encourage you to not only write down this data, but also to take photos that you can use in your post.

This can include:
– Clothing/fashion
– Any branded products you use or see being sold or advertised
– Media you consume (social media, music, television, online photos and video, books, magazines, advertisements, films etc).
– Activities you take part in

Using the data you gather about yourself and your readings from these past two weeks, or from earlier in the semester (i.e., material about ideology, interpellation, etc) you will conduct an auto-ethnography in which you reflect on all the ways in which culture teaches us to perform certain ideals of masculinity and femininity.

An auto ethnography is “a form of self-reflective writing that explores the researcher’s personal experience and connects this autobiographical story to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings.” You’re essentially using yourself and your experience as data points that you will use to discuss the theory and material that we have been reading.  This is more than a personal reflection – you should be also be actively engaging in the course material. Instead of applying theory to a pop culture object, you are becoming your own object of study.

Your post can focus on a few instances or your day as a whole – but it needs to have a focus or thesis and not be a series of disconnected reflections. Posts should be about 800-1200 words.

Remember to cite your sources in APA Style. As a reminder: there is a link to an APA Style Guide on the Writing Resources page. Similarly to previous blog assignments, your post should also have a unique title.

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