The Last 4 Words

The show Gilmore Girls ran for 7 seasons, the first 6 being on The WB and the last season on The CW. Gilmore Girls centers around a single mother, Lorelai, and her teenage daughter, Rory. After being estranged from her parents, Lorelai decides to ask them for help in Rory’s tuition for private school. Richard and Emily (the parents) comply but on the condition of Friday family dinners and more communication. For many years Amy Sherman-Palladino,the creator,has teased fans about the last four words that end the show. After Gilmore Girls ended up on Netflix, the idea for a revival was born. Ten years after the last season aired, the Palladinos and Netflix partnered up for a revival titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Essentially it would be 4, 90 minute episodes centered around each season. The show picks up in current time. One of the things that has been grueling fans over is the last 4 words that Sherman-Palladino said where going to be in the show. To say that the show and revival are popular is an understatement. On Facebook the show has 3.4 million likes while on Twitter they have 179k followers.

14680900_1449730935040228_762068536448516173_o            The episode I am focusing on is episode 4, Fall, from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. In this episode we learn what the last four words and they are said between two characters at the end of the episode. I am terribly sorry for the spoilers, but the last 4 words go as follows: Rory says, “Mom,” Lorelai responds “Yeah,” Rory ends with, “I’m pregnant.” This last exchange or words set the world into a frenzy. I believe that the dominant message is that they agree with the ending no matter what, the negotiated is that it is okay but not really needed, and the oppositional is that they completely disagree with how it ended. Gilmore Girls once again was able to recreate the magic that made the show so popular during its running only this time it has left us wanting even more after the reveal of the magic last four words.

In an article published by Slate titled, “The Last Four Words of Gilmore Girls Were Perfect,” discusses how ingenious the whole premise of the revival has been how it has all been leading to that moment. One of the ways it comes full circle is because Lorelai was 32 when the show started and Rory is currently 32. The show leads to believe that if Rory were to go through with the pregnancy that she would in fact be a single mother. Another thing that is interesting to note is that while Lorelai has laws wanted to have another child, she won’t need to know since she could help Rory raise the baby. (Martinelli, 2016)

An article in Vox says that the show has a pattern about getting its ambitious girls pregnant which stands on the side of opposition. Why should Lorelai feel the need to have another child when she has achieved the life she wants. Also it begs the question of ending the who in a way that not only limits what Rory can do in the sense of independence, but she herself has not figured out what she wants to do. The opposition also notes the cycle repeats itself when there is no need to. There were many tweets condemning the show for the way it ended. (Grady, 2016)

As the side of negotiated, not many people were for it. The majority of the posts that I found are either very happy with the ending or //“>disagreed completely. This begs the question of who is right and what happens moving forward. A show cannot be the same thing for everyone as people have different points of views and like to give their input. Many of the fans have speculated the way that they wish the show had ended and even tried to //“>predict how the show would end. Many of these fans create the version of the show that they want because it fills a void that they have.

15203392_1495386007141387_8472218415912418381_n            Fans of the show had speculated for a long time of who Rory would end up with, in regards of the 3 boyfriends she had throughout the series. Which is to say that Rory should have stuck to a narrative of their choosing. Whether or not the ending is what the viewers wanted, is beyond their control. The revival has ended in a way that opens the characters for new beginnings and endings. With that being said the popularity of the show and all of its fans are what brought the revival to life.


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