Fox: The Multipurpose Brand

As an advertising major, I understand the importance of branding and the complicated process of selecting the right brand image for your product or service. Fox TV has created a brand of multiple target audiences. Fox has a diverse network which makes its branding efforts unique and allows consumers to have different experiences within the same network.

Fox TV has such a wide variety of shows that it is hard to pinpoint their exact target audience and brand identity. Fox has shows such as Family Guy and American Dad that targets an adult male audience. The humor is rude and controversial. Fox has cooking shows and televised sports that are for older adults. Fox also provides one of my favorite shows, New Girl.

New Girl and other Fox shows such as The Mindy Project and Scream Queens have female lead characters. I enjoy these shows and find them light-hearted and easy to watch. They are a good example of post-feminism. Storey discusses how post-feminism deals with the success of feminism. Women now have more freedom to shape their own life. (p. 163-166). The female main characters in the Fox shows aren’t trying to prove themselves or compare themselves to men. They are comfortable with their position and feel empowered. The way these shows by Fox empower women is similar to the way Nickelodeon empowers children. The shows are specifically created for a certain target audience and connect to their likes and dislikes.

Although Fox has a variety of shows, the main experience is entertainment for young adults with busy lives. Fox audiences have a lot of commitments in their everyday lives and want a TV network that provides good television. Whether that is through humor, drama, or live TV, they want to trust their favorite network. Fox has evolved into an energetic and entertaining brand. Ad Age discusses the Fox brand in one of their articles. “Today Fox is a force to be reckoned with – it led the four big networks in drawing adults ages 18 to 49 this season, according to Barclays Capital, and it boasts the highest-rating show in prime time”(Steinberg). The variety and broad target audience works for Fox. I believe since it is such a big network it is easier to be diverse. Networks like Nickelodeon need to have a more narrow audience to maintain loyal viewership.

Unlike Fox, Nickelodeon has a very distinct brand and audience as discussed in Sarah Banet- Weiser’s article. The article describes how Nickelodeon represents the declaration of kids’ rights and it aims to empower children. Everything on the network, including brand extensions and commercials are target towards kid ideology. Nickelodeon is constantly researching what kids want and because of this it constructs itself as different from other children’s channels. Having such a distinct brand as a television network also has its drawbacks. Nickelodeon has developed the connotation it is against parents. “In an ironic twist, Nickelodeon insisted that children needed to be protected from precisely those who claimed to want to protect them. Nickelodeon would not be the authoritative adult world but would rather be “one of them,” deep in the trenches of a media war: ‘Us vs. Them’ is the big idea, the informing principle behind everything we do at Nick” (Benet-Weiser p. 84). Nickelodeon has learned to use the correct tone for this stance in order for it to work.

Since Fox does not have one specific concept, it leaves room for viewers to make what they want of the brand. For me, it’s a light-hearted comedic brand. For my dad, it’s a sports brand. For my mom, it’s a reality and cooking brand. The experience you want to gain from Fox is generally in your own hands. Fox means variety. This can complicate ideas for advertisers and viewers because there is not one theme to stick too. The Fox Brand needs to come up with a creative way to express their meaning of variety.

Fox reaches a wide demographic and is not afraid to try new shows or ideas. Since Fox is a part of a big family, people stay true to the brand. The Chief Executive Officers, Dana Walden and Gary Newman, have launched many successful shows and don’t plan on stopping. The Fox brand is trusted and will continue to be around for a while. Given its history, there is sure to be a variety of shows added to the network. The Fox brand will continue to evolve to suite as many viewer needs as possible.



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