In recent years, Fox seems to have changed it’s desired the demographic from men to young women. When I was growing up, I remember Fox as the channel that aired a lot of thriller and action shows like 24 and Bones but as I got older I noticed that more and more of my favorite shows were on fox like New Girl and The Mindy Project. I enjoy watching comedies more than anything else because they are a good, light-hearted distraction from everyday life. It seems like Fox’s ever changing lineup is due to low ratings and trying to establish a set of core viewers. I noticed that by having so many female lead shows like The Mindy Project, New Girl, Scream Queens, and Empire they are showing their targeted audience what they want to see. I think that Fox more than any other channel is attempting to tap into the market of young women and I think that is a good thing. They are airing shows about powerful women making their way through life and a lot of the time that is what young women want to see.


I personally really like and relate to shows like The Mindy Project and New Girl because they show women who have relatable problems like screwing up and trying to find love(which is basically my life) and just their everyday lives. For example, The Mindy Project is about the character Mindy Lahiri and how by watching romantic comedies like Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, her entire life has altered her view on how life and love actually are. In season one, She starts out thinking that even though she is a doctor that in order to be really successful in life that she needs to find a husband and have a family. Actually, a lot of the jokes in the beginning of the show revolved around this notion like for example the there was a joke about how her main goal in life was to have a baby, quit her job, and start a mommy blog. The show, now in it’s fifth season and on Hulu after Fox cancelled it, focuses on a women who wants something almost something completely different. She’s now a single, working mother who was engaged but ended the relationship because her fiance’ wanted her to quit her job after giving birth. Somewhere along the way she discovered that theres more to life. I think that the show really resonates with women because it depicts a woman who doesn’t have her life figured out but is still successful. I would say that that what Fox was doing to empower women is not all that different than what Nickelodeon did with children. They tapped into a market that most networks never exclusively payed attention to before and to a certain extent it worked and that is why they keep producing shows that star women and are created by women.

Another that I think is interesting about this particular era of Fox is that they sought to portray seemingly innocent main characters like Jess in “New Girl.” Jess is an elementary school teachers. She is often most remembered for her outfits which often involve bright colors and loud patterns like polka dots and stripes. She is often portrayed as innocent child. Her behavior is very immature and child like. There was an episode early on that revolved around her lack of ability to say the word “penis.” From an outside look, “The Mindy Project” and it’s main character, Mindy Lahiri, may be perceived as a innocent because of her voice and outfit choices(which also involves a lot of bright colors and wild patterns) but upon viewing the show, the viewer is opened up to a wide variety of carefully hid dirty jokes.  The difference between Mindy Lahiri and Jess is that Mindy dresses in high fashion and much appropriately for her age. When Fox first picked up “The Mindy Project,” they paired it back to back with “New Girl” and labeled  tuesday night as “adork-able” in their promos. It seems obvious to me that they were trying to reach a certain market of women by doing this.I think its interesting that they put beautiful but seemingly normal women instead of the blonde super models that we as viewers are so used to seeing on out television screens. Ultimately, it doesn’t appear that this is what viewers wanted because in my opinion, Fox has gone back to its same old routine with The Mindy Project now on Hulu and with “New Girl” closer to the end of it’s run than the beginning.



They even used to promote the shows together





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