House of Cards-Niki Wagner



Humans are creatures of habit. That makes breaking out of a cultural rut all the more challenging for us. I personally find it difficult to start watching new shows because I don’t always know what I am getting myself into and so that is why I generally like to stick to what I know. It is hard to do but breaking that barrier is all the more rewarding because I usually end up finding something really interesting and cool. But getting there is the hard part.

I recently started watching the Netflix series House Of Cards. I normally stick to watching comedies and so picking a drama to watch was out of the ordinary for me. When I watch television, it is normally to relax and to get away from my everyday stresses of school and work and so that is why I normally choose comedies. Comedies lift you up and make you forget about some of the harder or more difficult things going on in your life. Dramas don’t do that. Drama express the reality and other hardships of it’s characters lives and it doesn’t make the viewer escape from theirs. Don’t get me wrong. Dramas are very entertaining but just in a different way.

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I really enjoyed this show but it was and is difficult for me to watch. As I stated above, I normally like watching shows that are happy and uplifting like television comedies or romantic comedies. This show is neither. It is very dramatic and it’s character’s do dark things. Just by looking at the advertisement above, you can tell that the show is very dark and serious. I study political science and so that is why I decided to watch this show because I thought it would be interesting to me but in the end the show doesn’t really seem to portray an accurate representation of what living and working in Washington D.C is like and that’s okay because after all it is a television show. It is meant for entertainment. I would watch something like this in the future and in fact I think I will continue on in the series. The show is not what I originally expected but I still enjoyed it.


house_of_cards_main_charactersHouse of Cards is in a sense pop culture. But I don’t mean that to that it is bad or produced simply to make money but I mean that it is part of this new generation of streaming shows. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have latched on the idea that producing original shows instead of just streaming shows that appear on actual networks. This phenomenon is great because in most cases the episodes upload all at once and the viewer can watch them whenever they have time to. Also they don’t have commercials so that is a signal that advertisers and the networks aren’t  making huge sums of money off of streaming the show. House of cards is a huge sensation just the same that Orange is the New Black is. I personally think that streaming is the way of the future as far as television is concerned.


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