#Assignment 1

The cultural rut is a fact that they have become fixed in a way of thinking and doing things, and know it difficult to change. For example, we are used to seeing the movies produced by our own country or what intrigues us, rather some movies that are different with our culture. Thus, we would use conservative perspectives to view this world, and then have no chance to accept fresh things. Breaking out of a ‘cultural rut’ is a way to use different perspective to observe and think. I have ever in a similar rut. In terms of the movie, I used to watch it produced by China, culture, language, or perspectives are all that I’m the most familiar with. Breaking out of a ‘cultural rut’ is not easy but it will open a new world to you if tried it. Nowadays, I started to watch some movies or TV shows that are produced in western countries, like the American movie. In the podcast, I have a similar view with how to break the rut. Like the Podcast mentioned (2014): “Tips include consulting friends, consulting strangers, eschewing curmudgeonliness, dipping into our own libraries for surprises, turning on the radio, turning off the radio, testing our own limits, and remaining notionally open to things we think we might hate.”

The popular culture I chose is a film called ‘miss granny’, which is a Korean comedy film was found in the UGL. Personally, I love comedy film and the story of the film looks so interesting to me. This film depicts a 70-year-old grandma returned to her younger years, including her appearance, voice, and body except thinking. She wanted to regain her dream to be a singer, she did it. Meanwhile, a young handsome man was obsessed by her. However, she would go back to elder years if she had any wound, her grandson, unfortunately, needed blood transfusion urgently. She, finally, gave up her dream and went back to her original role. I have never seen Korean film before, and never reach this kind of story, Which I think I would seek out more movies like this and going to see more films in another language.fullsizephoto395222

Except for humorous plots, this film also reflects some phenomena of Korean society, which includes the issue of elderly people and the implementation of self-worth. I felt happiness through miserable description when I watched it. I felt happy when she fell in love with a young man, retained her lost youth, and became the lead singer. But she still was a mother, a grandma, she saved her grandson for the family to pay youth. After watching movies, I couldn’t help thinking the days I have spent and What the days would be like when I grow old. I completely enjoyed this movie, which helps me in understanding Korean society. Korean society is unlike American society which pays attention to self-independent. In Korea, they always separately live with their parents in case of idea conflict when people got marriage. In this movie, we could see the heroine spent her whole life to raise her son who became a professor, and her son had obligation to provide support for his mom. That means, he would support his mom with his wife together until she passes away. Actually, I think people who are aging from 30 to 50 are suitable to see this kind of film because they have the experience to memory and is reliable to imagine their future. But I am willing to seek out similar popular culture in the future, which reflects some potential social issues with humorous elements. For worldview, I changed mind for elder people who were once young, had a dream, did what we are doing today, but their world becomes silent after growing old. They are a generation who has experienced social development, thinking revolution, and the up and down of life. we should spend some time to talk with them, listen to them recalling their life, we may find some interesting things that never happen in our generation.

Popular culture reduces the mode of ‘standard’, which has no monotonous things and inflexible rules. There is a different meaning to the word ‘beauty’. In terms of appreciation in popular culture, we could have self-entertainment and bring enjoyment to the masses in some ways. For this movie, some people thought this kind of story has been out of style, some people felt the film was ended regrettably. I, however, felt good when experiencing this movie from story or shooting skills.

This movie lets me think of a word ‘Ideology’ learned from class, which means a shared set of values and beliefs that exist within a given society and through which individuals live out their relations to social institution and structures. The movie conveys specific ideology to us through popular culture, which reflects the Korean people’s ideology to elder people.


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